Qualtrics University

Have you been wanting to learn how to better utilize Qualtrics?  Perhaps, you'd like to learn some more advanced features and functionality?  You ask, and Qualtrics answers!  LTS is very happy to announce Qualtrics University.  Qualtrics has built a robust, user-friendly website with detailed tutorials and videos for all of Qualtrics functionality, including: Learning Qualtrics in 5 Steps, Basic Training, Best Practices, Advanced Editing, Advanced Reporting, Advanced Distribution, and much, much more.  The website also offers a great Search feature so you can find what you're looking for!


Ctrl + S

LTS is happy to announce Qualtrics has improved its Save and Continue feature. When the Save and Continue feature is activated in the 'Survey Options' section of 'Edit Survey', Qualtrics will save all progress, including the current page, when a respondent closes out the browser window.


Qualtrics Has New Functionality

LTS is happy to announce new functionality in Qualtrics – the ability to have respondents upload files.  This is a new question type that you can add to your survey.  You can accept all file types, or only allow certain file types to be uploaded using Content Validation.  The submitted files can be viewed in the results area.


Power Point To The People

What's that smell?  Is it freedom? Free yourself from the contraints of the classroom computer while lecturing with a Powerpoint Remote. PPT remotes are the #1 checked out item from the LTS Equipment Library. The good news is, they're pretty cheap! 

These Logitech Powerpoint remotes will give you the freedom to walk and talk while remaining in full control of your slide deck.  The Logitech R800 has a 100-foot range, a clock and green laser pointer (~$80).  Its sister product, the R400,  has a respectable 50-foot range and the more traditional red laser pointer (~$50).

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