Quick Key is the Key to Quick Grading

Quick Key is an app created by a teacher, for teachers.  It utilizes QR codes and your smart phone to quickly scan and automatically grade scantrons.  It also integrates with electronic grade books, as well, so grading can be a lot more efficient.

Walter O. Duncan IV is a 13-year veteran school teacher who got the idea in 2011, after four years of manually grading "exit tickets" (short quizzes on the knowledge learned that day) for two hours every night.  He and his co-founders. Davis and Van Wesep, who are also experienced educators, worked hard to create a prototype.

The below amateur video was posted in February 22, 2013, and it has over 319,000 views on YouTube to date.  He's raised about $100,000 to further develop and publish the app.  They were hoping to get 100 volunteers to be Beta testers, and they have gotten over 1000.  If you're interested in more information about Quick Key and/or would like to be a Beta tester, please go to:


5 Things You Didn't Know About Qualtrics

By now, we're all familiar with our survey tool, Qualtrics, but there are five things I bet you didn't know:

1) There are more than 90 ways to ask questions.

When creating a survey, in the right panel, click on 'Change Item Type' and hover over one of the sub-categories.  In each sub-category, there's a drop down menu to preview the different types of questions you can use to add to the survey.

A couple of new survey types that are interesting:

- QR codes: For example, you'd like to survey the class during a lecture or you'd like the class to rate group presentations as they present.  Once the survey is ready to be distributed, click the 'Disbtribute Survey' tab and select 'Social Media'.  There are 11 options to distribute your survey via social media and QR Code is the last one in the list.

- Heat Maps: Heat maps can be used in different circumstances. For example, if you're doing a marketing survey on a print advertisement, and you'd like to find out where the respondent's eyes go to when they first look at the add, you can add the Heat Map question type and an image.


2. 360 Review Feature

The 360 degree assessment enables people to gather performance feedback from themselves and others who work around them and roll the results into personalized reports that enable participants to see where they excel, and where there is need for improvement. 

For more information, please go to


3. Survey Responses Can Now Be Exported to SPSS

In addition to CSV, Fixed Field Text, XML, and HTML, survey owners can now export survey responses to SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences).  To test this new feature, go to a survey and click the 'View Results' tab followed by 'Download Data'.


4. Qualtrics University

Qualtrics has a very robust knowledgebase and training center at

You can search for specific issues you're having or questions you'd like answered and/or you can do online training programs for basic or advanced users, as well as targeted classes for reporting, distributing, and much more.

Of course, you can always call or email LTS ( OR x. 5-3337 opt. 1) with your Qualtrics questions, too!


5. Customer Service is Important to Qualtrics!

An interesting and little-known fact, when the phones ring at Qualtrics headquarters, if the phone call is not picked up after three rings the lights start to flash in the customer service warehouse.  And, if the phone call rings five times then gongs start going off, too.  Qualtrics takes prompt customer service seriously!



Qualtrics Video Quirks

Did you know you can embed videos into your Qualtrics surveys?   

To embed a video:

1) Select 'Rich Text' as the question type:


2) Click 'Rich Text Editor...'.  Select the fourth icon from the left in the top panel - it looks like a movie strip.

At this point, there are two ways to embed videos:

1) After creating the Rich Text question and selecting the movie strip icon, you will choose to 'Select File From Library'.  You can 'Upload a New File' and exit out of the dialog box.  Then, click 'Insert'.


2) Once you have selected the movie strip icon, copy and paste the URL where the video is hosted, or you can type the URL directly into the 'URL' text box.  Click 'Insert'.  (See Insert Media image above).


Things to keep in mind when embedding a video:

1) If you upload the video to your Files Library, .mov, .mp4, and .wmv should all be acceptable.

2) If you upload a video to your library, it cannot be larger than 16 MB.

3) Currently, only You Tube videos are supported if you choose to point directly to a URL.


Qualtrics + Reporting = Metrics

The rumors are true...Qualtrics has just announced the release of Qualtrics Reporting Beta!

Over the last year, Qualtrics has put a great deal of effort into rebuilding their reporting system from the ground up.  Their upgraded reporting system is a direct result of the feedback received from us.

It is still called 'Beta' - as it is in testing - and they are working to improve it even more.  Some of the new reporting features include:

  • Create reports based on multiple surveys
  • Completely customize the look of your reports
  • Display longitudinal studies
  • And much more!

When a public release date is announced, I will make sure to keep you all posted.  In the meantime, you are welcome to attend a free webinar and/or find out more information about the Reporting Beta at the Reporting Beta page.


Oh no she didn't...


"Did she or didn't she complete my Qualtrics Survey?" If you are distributing your Qualtrics Survey from within Qualtrics you don't have to ask that question any longer. A nice feature in Qualtrics when you are distributing your surveys is to use the Email Survey option. When sending out your survey, you can use a Qualtrics Panel (Mailing List) and track the status of it online.

In the Distribute Survey feature you can see:

  • If the survey failed to send
  • If the survey link was clicked and started
  • If the survey was finished

You also have the ability to send out a "Reminder Email" to those who have not started or finished taking your survey, and/or send out a "Thank You Email" to those who have finished taking your survey. So you aren't pondering any longer as to who has or hasn't taken your survey.