New Qualtrics Features

Qualtrics has come out with several new features:

Survey Revision History

Survey authors now have the ability to save and restore survey revisions.  Go back in time to view survey edits and see an audit log of who is making changes.

Style Refresh to Edit Survey Tab

The Edit Survey section has undergone a visual refresh to provide cleaner controls and consistency across the product suite.

Improved MS-Office Exports

Multiple improvements have been made to increase the performance of MS-Office exports, including the option to preserve appearance vs. editable content.

Adobe Analytics Integration

This integration combines the research capabilities of Qualtrics Research Suite with the data you are collecting within Adobe Analytics to create powerful analytics and optimization opportunities for your organization.

Responsive Themes

New library provides pre-built themes that adapt to the respondent's platform of choice - from desktop to tablet to smartphone.

Device Detection

Customize surveys by automatically displaying or hiding questions and adjusting the survey flow based on the platform used in the survey response.

Customize surveys by automatically displaying or hiding questions and adjusting the survey flow based on the platform used in the survey response.

Mobile Compatibility Advisor

Verify newly created or existing surveys are optimized for mobile devices.


This API call will return the status of each quota for the specified survey, allowing for deeper integration with third party CATI or CRM systems.

Web Service Quota Action

When a quota is reached, you can now trigger a web service.

Show Full Question Text in Email Triggers

Include the full question text when sending triggered emails. Leaving this unchecked will default the question text to 80 characters.

Updated Rich Content Editor

New Rich Content Editor with an improved look and feel across all Qualtrics’ products.


For more information on these new releases, please feel free to go here.

And, as always, please feel free to research the ever-expanding and easy-to-maneuver Qualtrics Research Suite for tips, tricks, and videos on how to build, deploy, and report on surveys.


OIT - Free Website & Blog Consulting


OIT provides no cost web training consultants to all academic and administrative units, student groups, and research groups.

Per OIT:

The typical scope of the consults is:

  • assessment of your unit’s web needs and help with designing an implementation plan based on the assessment
  • information about current web technology
  • information about web-related services on our campus 
  • mediating interactions with web service providers on campus
  • help with off-campus vendors
  • help in creating a long term maintenance, content and upgrade strategy for a sustainable web presence

For more information, please visit: Web Consultation and Web Content and Applications.

If you wish to take advantage of this service, please reach out to Kosta Tovstiadi.


Classroom Upgrades - Yep, we've done it again!


Last year we made some significant steps forward in our classroom designs by updating two classrooms to our new digital standard. This year we've done it again in rooms 102, 302, and 308. If you'll be teaching in any of these rooms, we highly recommend you check them out when you get a chance.

Here is a list of the upgrades we've completed:

  • New Podium
  • New Electric Projector Screen
  • Ceiling-mounted Document Camera
  • LCD Touch Panel Interface
  • Sympodium SMART Monitor - Annotate slides, and other windows on the computer with attached stylus
  • Blu-ray Player
  • HDMI Input for Laptop and Other Devices
  • HD Campus Cable Feed
  • HD Video Connection for the PC

Current and Future Upgrades

While many of you probably don't teach in these rooms, we encourage you to see these spaces for yourselves. This configuration will quickly become the new standard throughout the building over the next few years, replacing the old setup with a digitally-integrated/foreward-thinking model. New classrooms will have a similar look and feel, but possibly with even more features such as dual projectors, confidence monitors, or even integrated lecture capture. While we help suggest and implement these changes in our classrooms, we rely on your feedback to know we're on the right course. So please feel free to stop by and tell us what you think, or let us know if you have any ideas for how we could be doing these differently!

Before & After


Stats apps for your mobile device

We've blogged about all kinds of apps for your Apple and Android mobile devices. Here are some apps for the professional environment. Several different apps, all for crunching stats on-the-go!

Maybe some of you Stats Experts out there can give some of these apps a try and let us know which ones work best for you?

For the iPad and iPhone, we have:

For Android Devices, we have:



Could Scantron be headed the way of the Dodo?

Xerox has announced that they are putting the finishing touches on a piece of software called Ignite. Ignite would transform certian multi-function machines to act as automatic grading machines.

This software would allow teachers to feed tests with handwritten answers into the machine and get back grades.  Ignite also keeps track of what students do poorly and on which questions, which allows the teacher to see what concepts are more difficult to grasp.

Prior to Ignite, in order to get this kind of data, a student would have to fill in a bubble, completely, on a Scantron.  Soon, it will be possible to have more specific, handwritten answers.

The way it works is that a teacher will feed in the test and answer key.  From there they let Ignite know what concept each question covers. Using this information it can decipher student's answers and decide if they are correct.