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Dave's Pick: Tile

You might remember Tile from 2013.  They raised $2.6 million on Kickstarter to get their product off the ground.

What is it?  Tile is a small device that you can attach to anything.  It serves as a Bluetooth becon 'checking in' anytime it is in range of one of your Tile connected devices.  You can view where your Tiles are on a handy app or on the web. 

The coolest and most powerful function of Tile is the 'mark as lost' feature.  This pings the whole Tile community requesting any Tile connected bluetooth device to 'look' for your Tile.  When any Tile user device sees your Tile, you instantly get an alert sent to your email account with the last known location.  Fast forward to the last known location.  When your phone gets in range of your Tile (30 feet), the Tile starts playing a song so you can easily locate your lost item.  Pretty cool!

I use Tile personally and LTS uses Tile on our shared set of university keys.  Tile is an inexpensive give for the holidays.  You can purchase Tile on Amazon - $25 each, or if you buy 4+ they're only $17.50 each.

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