Check Your Exchange Email Quota

With the influx of SPAM hitting your inbox claiming that your email account has gone over quota, there is a simple resource to validate how much ‘space’ you actually have available.  Simply navigate to and login with your IdentiKey and password to check the status of your exchange account.  You can easily see what percentage of your mailbox you are currently utilizing.


Free Training!

Did you know that after logging into My CU Info (, if you click on 'CU Resources', there is a Training section called SkillSoft that has many, many free resources and training (online or in-person)?

If you select the option on the left panel that says 'Start SkillSoft', a new tab will open in your browser, and you will automatically be logged onto the system. 

Once in SkillSoft (also known as SkillPort), there are nine links on the left panel to help you in navigating the website and course catalog.


My Plan:

My Plan shows past courses you have taken (online or in-person) both for work and for personal, professional development.


An easy-to-navigate catalog of online and in-person courses, ranging from required CU training to environmental and security courses and IT certifications to test preparation.  There's a Search bar at the top of the portal that allows you to easily search for anything in which you may be interested.

My Progress:

This page shows your in progress and completed coursework by date range and type.  You can print a report, also.

Books 24x7:

This will open a new window that has an easy-to-search library of free books on all sorts of topics, including Office, Business, Analyst, IT, Well-Being, and Industry topics.

Instructor Led Training:

If you enroll in any instructor-led training, by clicking this link, you will be able to view training sessions you're currently enrolled in and courses you are scheduled to watch online.


This area includes the Business EXploration Series, Java KnowledgeCenter, Management KnowledgeCenter, and the Oracle KnowledgeCenter.


It currently has two types of credentials listed, Continuing Professional Education (CPE) for the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) and Professional Development Units (PDU) for the Project Management Institute (PMI).  If you are interested in earning your NASBA or PMI certification or need CPEs/PDUs to maintain your certification, please explore the catalog for courses that qualify.

Take a Virtual Tour:

You can select any one of the 7 sub-categories for a virtual tour to become more familiar with the area.


Google Drive, Dropbox, SkyDrive, Box...Oh My!

In a world where Cloud computing is becoming more common, more efficient, and more secure daily, there is a growing market for services that allow you to sync multiple files and folders among many devices and collaborate in real time.  We'll take a look at four of the top competitors:

(Picture Source)


Google Drive:

Google Drive is the newest to the market, but according to reviews and analysts, like all other things Google-branded, its competitors have reason to be concerned: 

1) Google Drive can open up to 30 kinds of files within your browser, including Photoshop, even if you don't have Photoshop on your computer!

2) It has the ability to turn on OCR text scanning, which means Google will scan images uploaded to the Drive for text and make them searchable.

3) Connects directly to Google+, Gmail, Android, and other Google services.

Google Drive offers 5 GB of storage for free.  There are upgrade options starting at $2.49 per month.  

Some cons of Google Drive are that you can't use it with multiple Google accounts (yet) and the Android app won't stream content.


Dropbox is a simple solution for syncing items across devices, and it's been around for awhile, so if you're looking to collaborate on something, you have a good chance that the person you're working with has heard of and knows how to use this solution.  However, Dropbox only offers 2 GB of storage for free (with upgrades available, starting at $9.99 per month) and it only allows you to store synced files within one folder.


SkyDrive is Microsoft's product.  SkyDrive offers 7 GB of free storage, with upgrades starting at $10 per year, and it (obviously) syncs Microsoft files very effectively.  It also allows editing and viewing of documents within your browser and allows links to be shared, either publicly or privately (read-only or view/edit).  SkyDrive does not allow collaboration with the Mac app and cannot download files for offline viewing on all mobile platforms.


Box is probably the most integrated service since it integrates so easily with productivity applications, like Quick Office.  Box specializes in storage and syncing for businesses.  Some of its unique features are detailed version-tracking, elaborate sharing features, and frequently updated applications for nearly every platform.  Box Sync is not yet available to private consumers.  Prices start at $9.99 per month.

Where do I start?

Below is a very useful chart that compares the four collaboration tools listed above, along with 9 more.

(Picture and Information Source)

If you'd like to start using a storage and syncing tool and have questions, please feel free to contact us: OR x. 5-3337 (opt. 1)


Improving Your Xerox Experience


Many of you have come to either love or hate the Xerox printing solution throughout the Leeds School of Business.  The Xerox multi-function devices have a number of fantastic features, such as: scan-to-email, three-hole punch, and stapling.  Having a more robust feature set comes hand-in-hand with more points of jamming and failure. 

In an attempt to improve the experience of the most heavily used Xeroxes in the building, LTS has coordinated with Xerox on the following measures:

  • A Xerox tech will be on-site on a monthly basis to perform preventative maintenance on the Xeroxes with the highest through-put volume.
  • We have setup new print pooling queues for the Faculty North and Faculty South Xeroxes. The software will intuitively check to see if both Xeroxes in the room are online.  If one of the Xeroxes is offline, the software will automatically push your print job to the machine that is online.
  • Our Xerox Sales Rep and Tech will be on-site during the first week of class.  They will be camped out in the Faculty North (418) and Faculty South (449) printing rooms as a resource to answer questions, remove jams, and provide information about how you can more effectively use the Xeroxes.

Mac Users - Free Software!

Faculty, staff and student employees have access to download Apple software at no cost through the Apple Educational Licensing Program (AELP). 

Software for download:

  • Mac OSX Lion
  • iLife 2011