Windows or OS X? Android or iOS?

With all of the different options available today, how do you know which one is right for you?

Come down to Leeds Technology Services and try them for yourself.  Our knowledgeable staff is here to answer your questions, as well as show you some cool features.

LTS is proud to feature:


Passwords, How Safe are Yours?

Passwords. They are the keys to our lives (personal, financial, social, etc).  While most of us will never have the unfortunate experience of having one of our accounts compromised, or hacked, it is always a good idea to use a secure password to protect ourselves.  This also means having more than one password for all of your accounts, you don’t have one key for your home, car, office, bike lock, etc., and you do not want to have one password for all of your accounts.

Per SplashData, these are the 25 worst passwords from 2012.

#              Password                Change from 2011 
1               password                 Unchanged
2               123456                    Unchanged
3               12345678                Unchanged
4               abc123                     Up 1
5               qwerty                     Down 1
6               monkey                    Unchanged
7               letmein                     Up 1
8               dragon                     Up 2
9               111111                    Up 3
10             baseball                   Up 1
11             iloveyou                   Up 2
12             trustno1                   Down 3
13             1234567                  Down 6
14             sunshine                  Up 1
15             master                      Down 1
16             123123                    Up 4
17             welcome                  New
18             shadow                    Up 1
19             ashley                      Down 3
20             football                     Up 5
21             jesus                        New
22             michael                     Up 2
23             ninja                         New
24             mustang                   New
25             password1               New

This list was compiled from files containing millions of stolen passwords posted online by hackers. 

How can you make your password more secure?

  • Make sure your password is at least 8 characters long.
  • Use all four security groups (capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols)
  • Use words that do not go together (Ex: C@t3D00rB!u3 – Cat3DoorBlue)

How can you keep track of all of these intricate passwords?

  •  Memorize them all (Make sure you know the security questions to reset a password if you ever                forget.)
  •  Use a password manager like:

4th Floor Printing -- Improved Options

If you are very satisfied with your 4th floor Xerox printing/copying/scanning experience, there is no need to read on.  If you feel your Xerox experience can be improved, even slightly, LTS may have the perfect solution for you.  Note: This alternative only pertains to Windows users.

The LTS has created & deployed new print queues to the faculty_north (418) & faculty_west (449) print spaces.  A subset of faculty members have tested these new print queues with very positive feedback.  These new print queues handle print jobs more intuitively thru load-balancing and failover. 

See the logic graphic below to better understand how the new queues handle print jobs:

Please contact LTS for assistance in mapping to the new and improved print queues.


Xerox Secure Print Feature

Why use secure print? 

Consider using the Xerox secure print feature anytime you are printing materials that may contain sensitive information.  Secure print holds your print job in a secure queue until you release the job while standing at the printer.

Secure Print Guide

1. File >> Print >> Printer Properties
2. Select ‘Secure Print…’ as the Job Type.
3. Set your 4-10 digit ‘Secure Print’ Passcode, click ‘OK’ & send the job to the printer.
4. Walk to the Printer and select ‘Job Status’ >> ‘Secure Print Jobs’
5. Enter your code & the print job will be released for you to pick up.


Protect Your Data. Start Backing Up Now!

Hard drives - like tires on a car - no matter how well you take care of them, they will eventually fail.  Are you prepared?

Whether you are a Mac or PC user, several options exist for protecting yourself against data loss.

Mac users:

  • Time Machine ($0) - This piece of software that Apple pre-loads onto your computer will make a full backup of your machine once and then append new files every hour, so long as an external hard drive is plugged in.
  • Carbon Copy Cloner ($40) - This program gives you more control over when and how your backups happen.  With the ability to copy your hard drive on demand, create a more customized schedule, and synchronize your machine to multiple backup locations, it makes protecting your data easier than ever.

Windows Users:

  • NovaBACKUP ($45) - A simple, yet powerful backup and revocery tool that allows for single click backups that allow recovery of a single file if needed.  Wizards guide you through all steps of the setup process and supports network backups as well as a USB hard drive.
  • Backup4All ($50) - This product is designed to be a quick and convenient way to protect your data.  Its simple controls allow you to set up a Windows backup and then forget about it.


  • Carbonite ($50/yr) - An online backup service that allows you to backup and retrieve data from anywhere in the world.
  • CrashPlan (Free or Paid) - Allow you to backup your data from anywhere you are, to multiple locations, even make your backup secure with 128-bit encryption.
  • LTS Server - Access it from anywhere and from any computer.