SONOS - Wireless Audio System


Are you an audio aficionado?  If you love listening to music at home, the Sonos Wireless HiFi systems are a refined, mid-level audio stremaing system for your kitchen, bedroom, deck or basement.  Sonos truely puts the music controls in the palm of your hand (or your laptop, desktop or tablet, too).  Stream audio from your favorite streaming services such as Spotify, Pandora, Radio, SiriusXM and much more.  You can even stream directly from your local music collection via iTunes.  

You've seen the commercials, but the Sonos platform delivers in spades.  

Sonos systems start at $199 and go all the way up to $699.  Something for everyone!


Belkin WeMo - Home Automation

The Belkin WeMo product line puts home automation in the palm of your hand.  Want to turn your coffee pot on from the bed in the morning?  No problem.  You forgot to turn the lights off before leaving town?  Just open up the app and you can control the on/off state of any plugged in devices from anywhere in the world.

Setup is easy.  Simply connect your Belkin WeMo switch to your home WiFi network, sync the switch with your mobile device and you will be one step closer to have a smart home!

Products start at $49.99 per switch, but I've seen them as low as $27.50 as part of a Home Depot cyber Monday deal.


Chromecast - For Your Video Streaming Needs


It's what I want for Christmas...

For the low low price of $35, get a device that plugs directly into your TV via HDMI and connect it to your Wifi network to stream videos from Youtube, Netflix, Hulu Plus, etc. Use the Chromecast app to configure it to your Wifi network, then just access it from any Chromecast-capable app or program to cast videos directly to your TV.

The real power from this device comes from its flexibility. You can move it anywhere in your home very easily and plug it in to any TV with an HDMI port. Most importantly, the streaming doesn't happen from your phone or laptop and gets sent to the Chromecast. It simply tells your Chromecast which video to stream from the cloud - meaning you can continue to use your phone or laptop when you've started the stream.... or even shut it off if you want.

If you have multiple spaces in your home that you'd like to have access to Netflix or other streaming programs then buy 2 or 3 and label them with the Chromecast App so that you can easily stream content anywhere any time in your home.

For $35 it's a pretty good deal.


Kid-Friendly Tablets

I bought an iPad for personal use about a year and a half ago, and that's the last time I saw it.  It's been highjacked by my now 3 1/2 year old daughter.  So, for Christmas this year, my husband and I have started looking into what we may get her so that we can once again use our iPad that we bought for our use.  It's been surprising to me how many tablet-like devices are out there for kids now, so I've done some research into the best options:

1. The good, old-fashioned iPad/iPad Mini


Good for the whole family.  Sturdy, long-lasting, proven product.


Expensive. You have to get a good, sturdy case for it or a kid WILL break it.  Trust me.  No parental settings to limit daily play-time for the kids.

2. Kindle Fire


Cheap option.  Good for education and entertainment.  Parental time settings.  Parents can use it, too.

3. Nabi (Android tablet)


Cheaper than iPad.  Netflix-ready.  Ability to watch videos, play games, and surf the web.  Parental controls.


More expensive than Leap Pad.  Parental use can be limited.

4. Leap Pad


Cheap.  Durable.


Small screen.  Not ideal for parental use.


Red Laser..pew..pew..pew..take that high prices!

Finally, a shopping app that doesn't just provide you with online comparisons!
With Christmas right around the corner and last minute shopping being an inevitability in our fast-paced world, one rarely has the time to hunt for the best price, let alone print out the ad for the lower priced item to have a retailer price match.

Enter RedLaser.

RedLaser is a robust shopping app that not only tells you the price of an object, it can tell you where you can purchase it around your location, as well as being able to store your loyalty/rewards information.  You can also save your favorite places to shop in the app.

Learn more at