Tyler's Pick: Nest Cam


Google's Nest Cam gives you a simple and convenient way to see what's going on in or outside your house. It's a wireless IP camera that let's you view the video stream live from the internet. All you have to do is connect it to power and place it where you want it. It wirelessly connects to your network and starts streaming. With the "Nest Aware" service it offers, you can see 1080p video straight from your smart phone. It will alert you to unusual activity and give you notifications to your device. Do you know what's going on at your house when you're not there? ($199)


Lisa's Pick: UP2 By Jawbone

Last Christmas, fitness trackers were all the rage and it’s possible you gave/received one as a Christmas gift. Believe it or not, after only one year it might be time for an upgrade. This technology is evolving fast. The new UP2 by Jawbone comes in more stylish options and now connects to the app wirelessly via Bluetooth. Using the app (available for both iPhone and Android) you can monitor your daily caloric intake in relation to your physical activity to make sure you’re staying on track for your personal fitness goals. The app has a social component, so you can compete with friends and family based on daily step count. UP2 also has LED and vibrating notifications for reminders, helping you make sure you don’t sit still at your desk too long without getting up for a stretch.

Jawbone is running daily specials throughout the holiday season, so keep an eye out for new deals to find the product that’s right for you!



Brent's Pick: The ThingCharger


If you’re like me, then you love to listen to music or watch vidoes on your phone/iPad while you are working in the kitchen.  I have always found that it is a pain to keep my phone or tablet in a standing position while I am in the kitchen, trying to get it to lean against the wall, balance on a kitchen appliance, etc., often times with the charging cable hindering this goal.

I stumbled across a great solution to this problem.  The ThingCharger turns your ordinary power outlet into a power docking station for your various devices.  Now you can charge your devices in a standing vertical position, without dealing with messy cords, all while having your original outlet freed up for other uses.  You can also stack multiple ThingChargers in order to charge multiple devices at once.

They're $39.90 each.  Or, you can buy 3, get 1 free, or buy 5, get 2 free.

For more information, please visit


Andy's Pick: Glider Gloves

For those of you on the go in cold weather who still want to use your touch enabled devices, the Glider Gloves are a great choice for keeping your hands warm while still being able to stay connected.

These 'handy' gloves are touted as being the best touchscreen capable winter gloves by some and are available for only $27 from Amazon.


Joanna's Pick: Chromecast

I had never heard of the Google Chromecast prior to winning one this week in a raffle!  Now that I've been introduced to it, I'm sad I wasn't aware of it prior to now.

What is it?

A Chromecase is a media streaming device that plugs into the HDMI port of your TV.  You can then use any mobile device (i.e. iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, Mac and Windows laptops, and Chromebook) to cast your favorite TV shows, movies, music, sports, games and more from a variety of apps like YouTube, Hulu, Netflix and more.

...And, they're only $35 each, or $55 for two or more.  You can buy them at BestBuy, Walmart, the Google Store, Target and Staples.

For more information on the Chromecast, please go here.

And, here's a link to the product on the Google store - with free shipping!